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Polar Paws - an Exclusive Lupine Pattern

Lupine Retired Wish List Form
 This is Capaccino, one of my Roosters, he is still alive :0) and one of my favorites to Hug!
*Hours of operation: Mountain Standard Time
Call anytime!  I usually have my cell phone with me and I try to answer my phone even if I can't help customers right away I try not to be a Voice Mail.
I now have my own Mobile Hot Spot so even if I'm out running around I can help customers!

I try to be competitive on my prices.  If you find something I sell on my site, on another website for less money send me the link and I'll see if I can price match them.  I want your business and I understand the need to save money in this economy. 

Mail payments to:

Pet Expectations, LLC

P.O. Box 51

5530 West 4350 South

Hooper, Utah  84315

(800) 778-6612 (800) 778-6612 FREE
(801) 564-2842 (801) 564-2842 Sprint Cell Phone


I now offer Chat with a Live Operator which would be me - Jill.  Most times you'll catch this as being ONLINE since I'm pretty much cemented to my computer/website.  Don't hesitate to use this service.  If you're trying to find something on my site and just need some direction now I'll be able to help you find your way.  It's a terrific tool for both customers and myself.





Jill Klancic/Owner



Gail Klancic/Support Staff

Paul Klancic/RIP my dear father.  2-1/2 years after being diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastatic Colon Cancer, We lost my father in March 2015.  I've posted a video below showing the man I will always remember who loved life here at the E-I-E-I-O Farm.  When I am outside I feel him all around me.  He loved tinkering on fencing, making things better for the chickens, pony and goats.  He was one of the kindest most loving people I've had in my life. 

Pet Expectations is a home based business


The logo you'll see on the header and business cards you'll receive with your package was designed by myself.  The heart design with paw prints and bird prints around it I created because of how I feel about them, they literally leave prints around my heart. 


Recently as the business has grown and my life has changed I've added more images to the logo.  I added the pony for personal as well as business reasons.  Spirit's image is on the card because of something that happened personally which literally changed the direction of my adult life. 


I added the parrot images to tie in the parrot food I'm shipping to customers, plus the fact that I'm owned by 14 of them myself.  The chicken walking beside me really says it all.  I've learned so much from them, they've taught me to relax, and take time out and to help educate others on how to be kinder to a creature that many people really underestimate. 


Please don't ever hesitate to email with questions or comments.  I get so many compliments on my website and so much of the design is from customer suggestions.


I encourage people who are starting out owning chickens to have a rooster as well as hens.  If you raise them from babies just like you do the hens, they can be extremely kind.  There can be exceptions of course.  We live in a society that has truly made roosters a disposable item.  If all of us really thought about that we'd wonder where they all go.


Roosters will protect your hens, they're gorgeous and they will increase the laying production.  They'll also keep the hens from bickering among themselves.  There are many myths related to roosters, for example the fertile eggs look and taste different which just isn't the case! 

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