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Hen Saver Single Strap Chicken Apron/Saddle, Small, Denim

Hen Saver Single Strap Chicken Apron/Saddle, Small, Denim

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Hen SaverĀ® protect hens' backs from roosters; prevents feather loss and cuts and gashes that can lead to picking, cannibalism and death in both domestic and commercial flocks; cover areas of feather loss and wounds to promote healing and feather re-growth; and provide potential protection against hawks by reducing their ability to grasp chickens.

Unique features that add to the functionality and durability of the apron include:
  • Notch at the base to accommodate the hen's tail feathers
  • Finished-seam stitching that secures a layer of breathable batting between two layers of rip-, tear- and puncture-resistant material,

Hen SaverĀ® are high-quality aprons that are time-tested and chicken approved!

The single-strap hen apron secures to the chicken by pulling the chicken's left wing through the left loop of the strap and the right wing through the right loop of the strap.
  • LARGE fits most standard breed hens (Americanas, Standard Cochins, Standard Brahmas, Buff Orpington)
  • MEDIUM fits most bantam breed hens (Polish, Mottled Houdan)
  • SMALL fits shorter backed or thicker tailed bantams (Silkies, etc.)
I personally began using these this year. I have several roosters and I noticed hens that were becoming bare on their back. This was the first year that two of the hens' backs were actually torn open by a rooster (see photos).

This image is of Marlo my Americana when I first found her injured

This image was taken one month later after treating the injuries with Silver Sulfadiazine (as prescribed by a veterinarian). I have been so pleasantly surprised with how quickly she healed. All of my hens will be wearing these until their feathers start to regrow on their backs.

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