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Pet Expectations Retired Wish List Form

So you've looked everywhere on my site, and you just can't find the retired item you're looking for, all is not lost! Fill out the form below and I'll watch out for it with Lupine's help. Many items never even make it onto my site because customers on the Wish List catch them first! When I call & email customers to let them know I've found it for them they're totally surprised. Many people didn't expect that I would really find the item for them! Before filling out the form, please understand you must be willing to purchase pieces as they are found, separately. Look at it like a treasure hunt. These pieces are getting harder and harder to find. There's no raw webbing left. If you're not willing to "catch as catch can" please don't fill out a form. I came up with the idea of selling Lupine's retired items to customers, and the wish list format. It's very labor intensive but very rewarding to both customers and myself when we succeed in locating items customers are longing for.


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