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Frequently Asked Questions

I am a home based business and I offer superb customer support. You can call me at 800-778-6612, email me at jill.klancic@petexpectations.com or you can click on my chat button when I'm on line.

Q - I found an item that you carry on your website for less on another site, but I want to order from Pet Expectations can you Price Match for me?

A - If you run into this, please email me at jill.klancic@petexpectations.com the item you're interested in along with a link from the other site. I will let you know if I can price match for you! I understand trying to find the best prices. I'll do the best I can in order to keep your business! Customer loyalty means a great deal to me.

Q - How long will it take after I place my order to receive my merchandise?

A - Unless otherwise noted on a particular item that you are purchasing, most orders have a turnaround time from start to finish of approximately 10 days. Most customers have the order in hand within 10 days of the time they placed the order.

Q - Do you charge more to ship to Hawaii or Alaska?

A - NO! I guess other sites do???? Strange we're all part of the United States I ship to Hawaii and Alaska all the time and the shipping charge is exactly the same what the heck why would people charge more? :0). You guys are included ...... no hidden fees for getting to enjoy gorgeous sunshine or polar bears!

Q - Do you ship Internationally?

A - Yes absolutely I ship worldwide. The free shipping offer is only available within the United States which includes Hawaii, Alaska, Guam, Puerto Rico and APO's. When you are ready to checkout you can check what the rate for shipping would be before processing your order. The shipping is based on weight. I do offer a flat rate priority padded envelope which will work on orders up to $200.00 in value on international orders.

Q - I have a retired pattern that is damaged, I didn't purchase it from you, will you exchange this for me?

A - I absolutely will do that for you! If I have it in stock I'll swap it out with you, if I don't have it in stock and you want to wait for it I'll add you to my wish list and as soon as one becomes available I'll swap it out with you. I don't charge anything to do this I just have you send me the item that is damaged. As soon as I receive yours I ship you out a replacement. Lupine will credit me for the damaged one when I return it to them.

Q - Are the retired Lupine patterns warrantied the same way as the current patterns?

A - Yes they are. If I don't have a matching pattern you can either get on the wish list until one comes in and we'll swap it then or you can choose another pattern. I'll even swap it for you if you didn't purchase it from me.

Q - How do I know if you have a retired item in stock?

A - The retired patterns are separated from the current patterns because they are in stock. Most of the retired patterns no longer have any webbing so we wait for pieces to come back from other dealers. If you go to any of my retired items on my site, you can shop by pattern or size and it will show you the item if I have it in stock.

Q - Do you stock current patterns?

A - I don't because I place an order with Lupine WEEKLY, and I receive the items within 3 days of the time I order. In order to be competitive and offer everything to customers I'm not able to stock every pattern/item by Lupine. The retired patterns are here in stock.

Q - I noticed you carry retired patterns and also custom Lupine patterns what does that mean?

A - Retired or discontinued Lupine patterns are patterns Lupine rotated out of their current line up in order to add a new pattern. In 2005 I approached Lupine about re-marketing the retired items as they come back into their stock from other dealers. It's worked out well for both Lupine and myself to offer this service to customers who are still looking for pieces in these patterns. Custom Lupine patterns are patterns Pet Expectations has paid to make the webbing in, and helped with the design of. Because Pet Expectations paid for the webbing it is an exclusive pattern only available at Pet Expectations. Currently there are two patterns Moose on the Loose a 1" wide pattern and Polar Paws which is 3/4" wide. These retired and custom patterns are still part of the Lupine line and are warrantied as such.

Q - I have a damaged Lupine item that is a current pattern but I don't have the receipt anymore, what do I do?

A - Lupine doesn't require a receipt, they recognize their patterns, all current patterns need to be shipped direct to Lupine for exchange. As soon as they receive the item they will send you back a replacement.

Mail it back to Lupine at:

Lupine Returns
PO Box 1600
Conway, NH 03818

Include your return address & daytime phone number and they'll send you a replacement immediately.

Q - Is your business a non-smoking business!

A - Yes... I'm completely smoke free. I have tremendous allergies to cigarette smoke!

Pet Expectations is owned and operated by Jill Klancic/Owner. Everything you see is done by me, website, emails, packing and shipping, I designed my logo, my graphics guy and cousin made it look oh so cool. I come up with the sayings on the pens. Pet Expectations is a true small business. I really do have a farm, I live on an acre so weekends I get caught up on chores either chicken coop cleaning, parrot cage cleaning or yard work (1 acre is a lot of yard). I love what I do and it comes through in my website. Thank you for choosing Pet Expectations.