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Lupine Micro Batch (Limited Edition Patterns)

Once a month, Lupine releases a limited run of patterns in each width. They used to exclusively sell them on Lupine's website. They are now allowing dealers to sell the micro batch patterns as well. If you're interested in purchasing them, it's best to do so close to the release date as inventory is limited.

SAVE 15% OFF ON 2017 PATTERNS 2017 Patterns are near the bottom of this page and include the following patterns:

1/2" Aurora, 1/2" Blue Bees, 1/2" Copper Vine, 1/2" Cottage Garden
3/4" Country Paws, 3/4" Foxy Paws, 3/4" Mod Pod, 3/4" Orchard, 3/4" Spirit Bear, 3/4" Sugar Bush
1" Big Game, 1" El Paso, 1" Fair Isle, 1" Magic Unicorn

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