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As well as having two dogs, a shetland pony, four goats, and my outdoor flock of hens and roosters, I also have Parrots. They live inside the house and make my mom and I laugh all the time. Several of them speak and we're always surprised by the words they come up with.

These are my love birds, the smallest of the flocki. Fireball is on the left and Hope is on the right. They are both males.

This is Sunny my Sun Conure and Lovey Dovey my dove which I rescued.

This is Tigger, she is an African Grey and is a complete goof ball like her mom :0). She is a ham and always makes us laugh.

This is ZaZu my brown headed parrot being preened by Sunny the Sun Conure. Sunny loves to preen and Za Zu loves to be preened.

These are my two Amazons, Tiki on the left a Red Lored Amazon and Pooh Bear on the right is a Blue Front Amazon.